3 Ways to Bring the Fire Back to Your Relationship

Hey Sweetness,

When was the last time you and your significant other did something spontaneous? Something fun and naughty? Yes…NAUGHTY!!! You’re looking at me like I just spoke blasphemy. You do know it’s still okay to flirt with your mate, right? Just because you’ve been together for 5…10…15 years does NOT mean you can’t still experience that “I’VE GOTTA HAVE IT” kind of sex. You’ve just gotta put a little more effort in creating those moments. Look, I know it can be tough with all you’ve got going on to make time for romance, BUT if this is the person you plan on spending THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WITH, you’ve got to do your part to make sure it’s an eventful journey for you both!!!

Here are 3 Things You can do to make him remember why he locked your sexy ass down!!!

  1. SEXTING- OOOH…I can see you blushing now…don’t be bashful!!! You’re a temptress and it’s your job to lure your man home by telling him exactly what you want and what you’re going to do to him. Be very descriptive in your text. Your clever use of adjectives is the key to making this task rewarding. Hot…throbbing…wet…engorged…warm…thick…pulsating…these are all very enticing words you can use to get his heart racing. Shit, I’m getting hot and bothered just thinking about it!!! Take it a step further with a few risqué pics and believe me, he’ll be knocking on your door in no time and he won’t be using his hands!!!
  1. STRIP TEASE- If your man is anything like mine an erotic strip tease is going to make him go wild!!! Since I’m from Miami, I call the evening “Rolexx Night”, named after the infamous strip club, but you can call it whatever you’d like. You’re going to need a sexy stripper name, Diamond…Peaches…Lexus…whatever you chose is fine, the key is to stay in character. Get a wig, sexy lingerie and super high heels. Put together a playlist of 3 to 5 songs that you feel comfortable shaking your ass to. Make sure he is aware of the nights theme, so he can come equipped with that money. Lap dances are $20, and he should get lots of bills, so he can make it rain on you. Make sure to invite him to the “VIP” lounge if he wants a little something extra!!! Have fun with this one. He’s going to be thrilled you took the initiative and you’ll feel liberated by the experience.
  1. HOTEL HOOKUP- Ladies this is one of my favorites!!! Find a nice hotel that has a bar/restaurant and book a 1-night stay. Tell your lover to meet you at the bar at a certain time, but you arrive 15 minutes later. Make sure you’re dressed super sexy. (Your boobs should say hello before you do!!!)  When you see him whisper in his ears, “Are you waiting for someone?”  Pretend to be a stranger, in town for one evening on business.  Flirt with him…Touch his shoulders when he makes you laugh…rub his thigh as you sip your drink. Act as though you’ve never met. Make sure to steer the conversation towards a one-night stand. Slide him your extra room key and tell him to meet you in 30 minutes. Use this time to freshen up. When he arrives pull him in and let the freak out. Do him like you’ll never see him again!!!

Girl, I just had a flashback of the last time my husband and I did #3…can somebody get me a fan? It just got REAL HOT in here!!! I gotta get myself together…WOOO!!!

------------------20 Minutes and a COLD Shower Later----------

Alright Ladies, I’m back. I hope you’ve decided to pick one if not all these suggestions to get that flame going.  Don’t stress yourself about making the night perfect, just have fun. The fact that you’ve done something impulsive and unexpected is going to make him feel desired. He will have a positive response and you’ll have an incredible evening.

Alright Naughty Girl…Spill the Tea…

What do you do to reignite the sexual flames in your relationship?

Has your mate ever done anything spontaneous that turned you on?

Where is the strangest place you’ve had sex?


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