If you are looking to use your influence to spread awareness for our brand, while getting compensated for it, you are at the right place!
We have created our Brand Ambassador Program because we realized the more we get people to know our brand, the more we can share some joy. We need your help in order to get as many people to be trying our Teas, Toys & more.
How it Works:
  • We give you a personalized discount code for a 25% off their entire order!
  • You promote our Tasty Twat Tea, Mini H.O.E. Bag, or Twat Toys & talk about what you love about them! 
  • People will use your code to buy the Teas, Toys & more.
  • We will pay you a percentage of the revenue your code brings in, that percentage is determined by the number of times your code was used Bi-weekly. 
  • Tier Pricing Per Quantity Level: Bi-weekly payouts
    0 - 10 = 5% of revenue brought in
    11 - 25 = 10% of revenue brought in
    26 - 70 = 15% of revenue brought in
    71 - 200 = 20% of revenue brought in
    For Example:
    Let’s say you are given a code and share it with your audience, from that share you get 60 orders placed using your code, bringing in $5000 in revenue. Since the number of orders is within the “26-70” orders bracket, you will receive 15% of the revenue brought in, earning yourself $750, all while providing a great deal on an amazing product to your audience.
    If your interested contact us at the following: