What is a Tasty Twat?

Let’s break that phrase “Tasty Twat” down. Tasty; something absolutely delicious, mouth-watering, pleasant to eat, desirable. Twat; is an urban term used to describe the female sex organ, but at Tasty Twat Tea, the term “twat” encompasses so much more. Twat represents attitude, sex appeal and the more in-depth characteristic of a woman. Combine the two, and Tasty Twat means “Deliciously & desired aspect of a woman’s mind, body, and attitude.” 

Does it really make you tasty?

Our favorite motto is that "A Healthy Twat is a Tasty Twat” and that’s LITERALLY what we mean. It’s similar to the term that you are what you eat. What you ingest is often secreted through our sudoriferous and sebaceous glands, and the cervical and arousal fluids we secrete as women. Tasty Twat Tea provides a blend of herbs that help detoxify the body, increase blood circulation, promote hydration, cleanse, and so much more! When you’re body is happy, you’re happy, you feel good, and ultimately taste even better!

Why "F#ck Me Hard"?

F#ck Me Hard is a dark, spicy, and robust tea packed with energy boosting herbs. Imagine a spontaneous, highly orgasmic, deep, and passionate morning. You feel light on your feet and ready to take on any task that comes your way. Your work BFF is wondering why your glow is on one hundred this morning. You feel great, and you look great doing it! That’s how F#ck Me Hard makes you feel. 

Why "Put It in My Mouth"?

Once you put it in your mouth, you wouldn’t want it anywhere else. Put It In My Mouth has a sweet and citrusy flavor you can’t get enough of. It’s Hibiscus keeps you hydrated and its high content in Vitamin C keeps your body functioning as it should. Put It In My Mouth works hard so you don’t have to. 

Why "Cum Shot"?

Cum Shot herbal tea retrieved its name from its incredibly relaxing and meditative properties. Cum shot introduces a feeling you get after an intense and needed release. Our Chamomile blend gives you that after sex feeling of relaxation and tranquility your body can truly appreciate. 

What’s the difference between loose leaf teas and tea bags?

Quality: When consuming tea in its natural whole form in comparison to ground, store-bought tea bags ensure much better quality.

Flavor: When quality is not upheld, flavor is depleted. 

No Artificial Flavoring and Additives- Most times, artificial flavors and chemicals are added to tea bags for enhanced color or flavor

A plastic free brew: there is a large concern about the leaching of plastics from your tea bag steeping into your cup. 

Eco-friendly: most tea bags are not biodegradable, meaning that they contribute to pollution. 

What is the infuser used for?

An infuser is used to diffuse herbal components throughout the water. It is a device in which loose or dried tea leaves are placed for steeping or brewing, in a mug or a teapot full of hot water. They enable one to easily steep tea from broken leaf teas.